Terms and Conditions

File management

Every file will be assigned to a partner or consultant of our firm. You will be advised of the identity of the partner and subsequently assistant solicitor if appropriate.

Every complaint regarding the management of a file should be addressed to the partner responsible for the file. In the absence of a satisfactory solution the complaint should be addressed to Simon Ball in person. In addition Simon Ball is available to attempt to resolve any difficulty in the management of files even if this is not necessarily a complaint.

Legal Expenses Insurance

In respect of instructions given to us by companies pursuant to an insurance policy such as legal expenses insurance we have a professional obligation to draw our client’s attention to the following points:

  • The Insured is considered as our client and to whom this firm owes its primary professional duty;
  • We reserve the right to insist upon direct contact with the insured at all times. This direct contact may be necessary to obtain instructions from the insured and to give the insured advice and to obtain personal instructions and ultimately to verify the insured’s status especially in respect of our obligations imposed by legislation in respect of money laundering;
  • Insured is the person ultimately responsible for the payment of our fees. The applicable VAT depends entirely on the VAT status of the insured. The insured’s obligation can certainly be covered by the insurance policy with his insurer subject to the insurer’s conditions. In certain cases it is possible that our fees are recoverable from a third party. However the primary obligation for the payment of our fees rests with the insured.

    Costs of the Firm

    In the absence of any contrary agreement in writing the costs of this firm are in accordance with the guideline hourly rates for Solicitors in contentious matters and according to the principles of taxation applied by the courts.

    This firm charges on the basis of an hourly rate for each hour’s work on the file plus one tenth of the hourly rate per letter or page of letter and telephone call lasting less than six minutes.

    The hourly rate is fixed in accordance with two criteria:

    • Type of case –nature, complexity and importance
    • “The Guidelines for the Assessment of Summary Costs Outer London”. We can provide you with a copy of this should you require it.

    General fees of the Firm

    Including professional indemnity insurance and the provision of specialist services and multilingual staff specialised in insurance law, civil liability and their knowledge of French and English law. 

    This firm does not accept hourly rates that are agreed between insurers and lawyers within their own country and the firm considers that these conditions in the UK are different from those of other countries.

    On the 1st July 2007 we applied the following hourly rates:-

    • Claims of exceptional importance and complexity between £220and £250 per hour.
    • Claims of importance and complexity whose value is in principle in excess of £15,000 between £200 and £225 per hour.
    • Medium claims whose value is between £5,000 and £15,000 between £165 and £195 per hour.
    • Small claims – in principle of a value less than £5,000 and less than £1,000 for general damages between £130 and £160 per hour.

    At the outset of each file we will advise you which category is appropriate for the claim. We reserve the right to apply other hourly rates in certain cases but we will of course seek your agreement beforehand.

    This firm will repay or credit their client all monies recovered from a third party in settlement of costs and disbursements in case of recovery in addition to damages.

    Monies on Account

    The firm also reserves the right to request monies on account of costs and disbursements generally at any stage. Practically interim bills will be submitted on a six monthly basis or when outstanding fees exceed £3500, whichever is the sooner.


    Wherever possible we will advise you of the probable costs reserves for each file. However we would remind you that it is often very difficult to give a complete evaluation at the start of any claim and we reserve the right to adjust reserves throughout the development of the claim.


    In the case of disagreement the level of our costs and fees will be determined according to the procedure laid out in the ‘Code of Practice of Solicitors’. This procedure provides that:-

    • In respect of contentious matters in the courts of England and Wales our costs will be determined by the taxing judge of the court.
    • In other cases our costs will be fixed by the competent service of a professional organisation of the Law Society.

    However these procedures are extreme solutions that Simon Ball and the partners of this firm are available at all times to reach an amicable settlement in respect of all difficulties encountered.

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